Saturday, 4 August 2012

Olympic Nails! #TeamGB | Scrapbook Nails

The whole world has gone olympic mad, and I'm LOVING it! Having the games in London this year has created such a buzz, the atmosphere is incredible and it makes me so proud to be British.
I went to see the Athletics today & I didn't want to leave the stadium, it was just AMAZING! I can't even put it in words. One of the best days of my life for sure.

I didn't want to have Union Jack nails for this event, so I copied Stella McCartney's design for the GB kit. I loved how my nails turned out, but I can't deny that I found it a bit tricky doing this all freehand!

I used a lot of different polishes for this nail art, so I wont list them all. But... I will do a brief 'how to' using pictures.

Olympics7 Olympics1 Olympics2 Olympics3 Olympics4 Olympics5 Olympics6 Olympics8

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Nail Magic - My best kept secret | Scrapbook Nails

I have decided to stop being selfish and share with you, the miracle product that will solve all your flakey & weak nail problems (I hope - Not 100% guaranteed, so don't hate me if it doesn't work for you!).

[Image source here]

I had tried several of the nail strengthener polishes on the market, but nothing was working for me. Sally Hansen's diamond strength & OPI's Nail Envy are two of the most raved about products, but they unfortunately made no difference to the overal health/ appearance of my nails.

I discovered Nail Magic after browsing the web for hours, searching for something that would help with my horrible, weak, brittle, flakey nails. Some of the reviews I read stated that Nail Magic hurt them, or that they couldn't see any improvement in their nails at all, but with the knowledge that different products work for different people, I placed an order anyway. I read the instructions, and it does say to keep the polish away from your cuticles. I have to admit that I felt a dull ache in my nails after a few applications, but it certainly didn't hurt, and it didn't put me off using up the entire bottle. After about 3 days, the ache had gone completely, and I've not experienced any other pain/ache/uncomfortable-ness since. This beauty is now a staple product in my collection, and I wouldn't want to live without it. 

It is fairly expensive, averaging at around £10 a pop for only 7.4 ml of product. This is half of what you get in a full sized OPI bottle, for the same price. But, it is 100% worth it!!! It really works, after just one application my nails felt stronger, all my flakes had gone, and I believe that it made my nails grow quicker too.

To begin with, I applied this polish every day, to get my nails into a state I was happy with. Now, I apply one coat before a fresh mani, which is about two or three times a week, to keep them in ship-shape. I'm just finishing off my second bottle & can safely say I will be re-purchasing without a shadow of a doubt!

I hope that if you decide to purchase Nail Magic, it works just as well for you, as it does for me!
Here are a few places you can buy the product:
John Lewis

I'd like to point out that I am in no way affiliated with the company that produces Nail Magic, and I wasn't asked to/ paid to write this review. I just genuinely LOVE it, and thought I'd spread the word!

Abigail xo