Friday, 20 January 2012

Eyeshadow Custom Polish | Scrapbook Nails

I do love to experiment with my nails, and I have wanted to try out this technique for a long time. There are different ways of using eyeshadow to create new polish colours & effects. The first time I tried it was in Tenerife, summer 2011, when I had limited polishes on me. I was out the country for a month! So to jazz up my nails, I simply brushed over a layer of shimmery eyeshadow onto a dry manicure and WAAALAAA! Instant re-vamp and with minimal effort.

This time, I wanted to create a whole unique shade of polish, and not just use the eyeshadow as an added layer. I picked out two of my Barry M dazzle dusts, I thought these would be easier to 'stir' into a polish as the pigment is milled into a fine 'dust' rather then a tightly packed & pressed powder. You can, however, use any type of eyeshadow you like for this.

At first, I started off tipping some of the eyeshadow into a plastic lid, adding some cheap clear polish to it, and mixing with a toothpick before applying. I found that I didn't have enough polish in the lid, so I took to dipping the brush into the lose powder and simply painting directly onto my nails. This turned out great! The polishes had shimmer in them, and this reflected so beautifully on my nails, the only downside is that the custom made polish only lasted a few hours :-) no hardeners = chipping!

I used:
Base coat - No7, So Smooth

Green Eyeshadow -  Barry M, Dazzle Dust, 82

Purple Eyeshadow - Barry M, Dazzle Dust, 59
Cheap clear polish - Professional Nail Care, extra strength, Base Coat (?!)




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