Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Save Me, Hanover Square | Scrapbook Nails

I love the Save Me polish from OPI's Nicki Minaj collection, but, for me, it's too busy to have on my nails as full coverage. I opted for glitter tips, and one accent nail. It's quite a unique glitter - there are blue bars, mixed with a fine holographic glitter.

I used:
Base coat - No7, So Smooth
Base Colour - Nails Inc, Hanover Square
Glitter Tips & Accent Nail -  OPI, Save Me (Nicki Minaj collection)
Top coat - China Glaze, Fast Forward Top Coat
Matte top coat (added day 2) - Topshop Nails, Matte Top Coat

savemehanoversquare1 savemehanoversquare2 savemehanoversquare3 savemehanoversquare4

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Gold & Blue Striped Nails | Scrapbook Nails

I did say to look out for more of these manicures... bet you didn't think you'd see one so soon haha!
This time, I used a blue & gold combo, which I think worked quite well. With this technique, it's important to use an opaque top colour as you can only apply one coat - you have to take the stickers off before the polish dries, otherwise you'll pull up the dried polish with the sticker and your lines wont be as neat.

I used:
Base coat - No7, So Smooth
Blue Base Colour - Nails Inc, Albert Place
Gold Top Colour - Barry M, Foil - 320
Top coat - China Glaze, Fast Forward Top Coat

bluegoldstripe2 bluegoldstripe3 bluegoldstripe4 Photobucket