Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Foil Splatter Tips | Scrapbook Nails

This was a bit of a fail :-(
I originally thought the foil I picked out looked a little peacock like, so I thought if I put it on my tips, on top of a blue base it might look like a peacock inspired mani.

Then I realised it looked nothing like a peacock...

So I decided to go for a 'tip splatter' and this is how it turned out.... it's not the best, but I think if I tried it again, with different colours for the base and foil, it would like quite pretty.

I used:
Base coat - No7, So Smooth

Base colour - Nails Inc, Hanover Square
Foil - from a RIO kit.
Top coat - the special foil one from the RIO kit, followed by TopShop Nails, Matte
(All topcoats are RUBBISH at keeping foils on the nails. You can see in the pics that the foil had already stared to come away from my tips after just one day. As matte topcoats are a little thicker then most, I thought I'd give that a whirl. In my opinion, it didn't make the foil last any longer - worth a try though, right!)

foilsplatter4 foilsplatter2 foilsplater

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