Saturday, 14 July 2012

Neapolitan Dreams | Scrapbook Nails

I've named these my Neapolitan nails, although if we're talking about the ice cream, I have done the colours in the wrong order...

Still, I love the yummy texture of this manicure. I didn't use a sponge for this, I used a blunt bristled nail brush and just dabbed the colour on. I wasn't going for a gradient, more of a 3D layer type effect. I used a crackle polish for the pink, which helped to achieve the look I was going for.

Doncchha just love pink & brown together?!

I used:

Base coat - No7, So Smooth

Brown - Barry M, Mushroom 310
Pink - Barry M Crackle, Pink Fizz 314
White - Models Own, Snow White
Top coat - China Glaze, Fast Forward Top Coat

neopolitan1 neopolitan2 neopolitan3 neopolitan4

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